Thursday, February 14, 2008

Us ladies at Tammy's for tea and worship

This is a picture of some of us that were at Tammy's a couple months ago. Let me tell you , Tammy and Karen really dished up a great feed. It is really great to meet with these precious friends. And we really enjoy having Kelly bring her guitar and sing for us too. She even lets us sing with her. Anyway I try to We are involved in Bible study to become better women for the the Lord.

We are doing good here at home. Sure wish it would warm up though. Well I know all you up there in those North country places think it is already warm here. And I really understand that , and just to make you feel better ;>} I have jasmine in bloom and boy does it smell good. maybe I'll post a picture of it for you to see. Love you all and All my prayers always.


Dieta said...

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montgal40 said...

Thanks, Sorry I havent been able to get back for a while. Will try to keep up now.
prayers always