Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year

Grandson Chad, they sure grow up in a hurry.

Wally on the trail to Medicine Wheel!! Me at the Medicine Wheel it has been here for over ,well I don't know. They believe the Anasasi indians put it there. The "people" still come every year to pray and meditate.

Hi! Well another year is over. I have been very blessed this year. My family has all been pretty much healthy and in good spirits most of the time. Wallys and my health have been good all flu and colds aside. They are just a part of our lives anymore, like taxes.lolal

We have a wide group of good friends and an absolutely great and wonderful church family. Our money is still reaching to each payday!!

We went on a great vacation this year to family reunion at Powell,Wyo. And to visit home town relatives in Montana. Dispite the wildfires, we really had a great time.

Wally and I walked our legs off exploring and looking at everything we could all the way up there and back. Lots of sightseeing on our route, we planned it that way, the temperature could have been a little less HOT but who cares when you are having fun.

I have the great joy of having a husband who likes all the things I like to do. He never complains about walking up hill at 9000 feet to look at an Indian Wheel. And I had to hang on to him on the way down. These darn arthritic knees kind of object sometimes. He even loves to shop in junk stores, as we call them, and the discount places. An old ghost town is our favorite place to really enjoy, especially if no one lives there or even close. Hard to find anymore. If you know of one we haven't seen let us know. There is still another year to check it out. Oh, also any rockhounding places would be perfect too. Imagine a couple of rock hounds living in Florida, we are hungry for some good ole hounding places.

Well gotta get ready to go to Ken and Sherri's for Christmas Eve Party. Great fun, we have a game we play called the Santa Swap, kind of like white elephant , if you ever played that. It is great fun and we all end up with a present usually just what we want. \;>) Love you all and God Bless you Always.

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