Monday, November 5, 2007

Well time for another update

Wanted to show you a picture we took in Montana. Pretty place isn't it. In a month or so it will all be white and around 20 below. Yipe!! LOVE Florida!!
We have been just hanging around. I have started my Christmas list for presents. Wally was hoping to get some wood working done, but hurt his back and has been convalesing, that word looks pretty wierd, but just read them like they look, maybe you will get it. Course I could use spell check. Back to the patient. Have you ladies ever had your darling home sick?? Well, I probably don't have to say more.

He does seem to be getting around better now. I have been getting out more, went to the Ladies coffee/tea the other day. It is very impressing to see all the young women and their children. I am many years past that time. They are all Christian women and are so good at the way they are raising their families. It gives me hope in the younger generation. You get to watching all that junk on TV and forget that those are not the norm. I am always renewed in spirit when I go to these meetings. We learned to crochet one meeting and are making neck scarves and caps for the poor. It does get cold down here for the next four or five months.

I loved the races and all the atmosphere. It was a great day, although tiring. We left at midnight and got back at midnight. Gotta say though, that old bus is definitly on its last leg. We sat in the very back cause it was close to the potty. (another blessing of old age) I cannot begin to tell you exactly how it must have looked and thank God noone else could see it. But I must tell you that it is not a good thing to try to anticipate what the driver will do. We had stopped at a light so I rushed in and got down before we took off again. Then when rising I waited for the next stop and stood up to pull up and the bus took off again. Needless to say I landed overbackward in a very small space. Then I got tickled and couldn't get my pants up. Finally after a couple more stops and hanging on with one hand and pulling with the other, I got there. When I came out I looked around to see if anyone had heard all the noise I made in there, but they didn't seem to have heard anything, or they were being polite and not saying anything. Another poor victim started in there and I warned him to hang on at all cost!! When I heard several bangs and a few choice words, I knew he had got the point. lol Then Andy was sitting on this wild seat. Every time he moved it slide off. He had to get up and pound it some, but it didn't help much. He ask me why we would pay to be tortured all day and night like this. We decided it was part of the fun in the doing.?? I guess I'll close this now, cause I am watching the Steelers beating up on those blackbirds from Baltimore. Go Steelers!!! Yea and Hawks too, Randey!!

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