Monday, November 26, 2007

It is the Season, Jesus is the Reason

This first picture is of my two precious little great grandkids in Alaska. James Lee and Lauren Karpstein. Their Mommy is my Granddaughter Sarah, Connie's girl. Guess I better mention their Grandpa Jim and Daddy. Without them we wouldn't have these two cuties. I sure wish I could visit them or judging from the background, they could visit me cause I'm not into snow. All who know me know what I think of it.
But then there is a beautiful snowflake . I love them. I have been entertaining myself by making all I want to on this web sight that lets you cut and save them to you computer. Can you believe I made this? You have to try it out. I found it on better homes and gardens web sight. Also there is one on Lowes.
More later All my Love and Prayers

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