Saturday, September 1, 2007

Still here but pretty slow

Hello out there, we have been really slow since we got home. First Wally was under the weather and now I am. Have you ever been gone for a month and come home tired and weary from too much vacation? Well if you have you know what a trial it is to get back to housework (which is not something I like anyway) and then there is putting away everything you brought home. YOu know all that stuff you couldn't leave town without.

It is really good to be back though. We are both getting into getting ready for FOOTBALL! Love those games. I get a lot of sewing done. Like crocheting and whatever. The family is playing football pic'em this year. Don't know yet what the winner will get. So far we have six signed up. Hope to have more. Love those Steelers. more later, am watching Notre Dame and Georgia Tech right now. Rah Rah.

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Anonymous said...

steelers, more like those STEALERS...GO SEAHAWKS.
Love ya