Sunday, September 9, 2007

Rambling probably

Hello, I decided I really needed to express myself somehow. I have not been doing anything for a while, but am well now. I never thought I would be glad I could do dishes and clean house, but after 4 days doing nothing and having headaches all the time I really am enjoying it. Did I say I was enjoying it! That might be a little strong.
Of course I am doing a lot of sitting, football you know. And I have at least 4 months of this excuse. I am really excited, my team won their 1st game!! Go Steelers
It is time to start my projects for Christmas. Such fun. I love trying to figure out just what all my munchkins might like. Last year we decided everyone would make the presents they gave. There were a few who couldn't do that, but their presents were just as loved. We decided that we would make flower pot holders for each family. And that there should be two for each. It took six months, but after much trial and error and #^%#%$# we got them done in time. Final count was 14. I don't expect to be that ambitious this year.
Well, I am going to have to start yelling at the TV my team is losing, watching NYG and Dal.
all our Prayers and Love to everyone who reads the blog, and those who don't. ,

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Kari said...

Let's not even talk about that stupid Dallas game. I'm pretty upset that Dallas actually did well. Who would have thought? lol Randey's watching the Bengal game now. He just saw some guy in the stands wearing a bright orange Star Wars stormtrooper costume. I loved it!
Jake's all upset because the Eagles lost. I'm not too happy about it either, but you know me...can't get too excited either way. Unless we're talking about Oklahoma. And then I just get frantic. lol