Saturday, August 4, 2007

Hi. We are still in Helena

Boy it is really smoky around here. Can't travel in the northern part of Mountains at all. Been having good visits with family. We had supper and dice games with Gayle and JIM and supper and visit with Rodger and Sheila and Skeeter and Barb and family,Kent and Ronda and family, and one of Ricks boys. He is so tall and big, like Uncle Gary. only better looking(hee hee)Dot if read this don't tell on me. We are going to Garey and Dorothy's tonight. Went to Marva and Don's last night. Had some great pork steaks,BBqd. We are just hanging around doing nothing right now. I found some chokcherries and nanking cherries here at the camp and I'm going to pick some cherries. Can't reach the chokecherries branches too high. We sure miss you all and thank you Karen F. for the nice comment and prayers. Ours go to you all too. Love Yall's ;>

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