Tuesday, July 24, 2007

day 2 and 3 maybe

Check out the blue pole sticking up in the middle of the interstate. never seen this before.

Kansas skyscrapers!!! Really just grain elevators they store alot of it up here i guess. going to send sthis so I don't lose it. More better in next.

Day two started out with a great revelry!!! Wally sat on the car keys. The car began to honk and the lights to flash. This at 6 in the morn. I said that was dumb, he said maybe its our car. I didn't know ours would do that. Well it didn't stop so I peeked out there and sure enough it was ours. I quick shut it off but it was too late. When I went out a couple of ladies were just coming out of the room right in front of the car. I started to apollagise and they said they thought their alarm clock started it cause they went off together. We all had a good laugh and got out of there before the rest of the motel came out. The day was uneventful and we stayed at Blackwell , Ok. the next night. And the Good Lord gave us revelry that morn. It was raining and the lightening was a flashing. And hit the transformer in front of the motel. Fourth of July!!! We ate breakfast in the dark although they had a generator so it wasnt too bad. Hope I can get some pictures in this time have tried this 3 times and lost my link every time. Of course you will remember this is a tour of the rest areas along the way. Did find some interesting things though.

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