Friday, December 19, 2008

Brooklyn at Thanksgiving 2008

Isn't she a little doll?

Look at those big eyes.

Here is a really darling little girl. My newest GGrandbaby. Andy's granddaughter.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


That didn't work. Oh well keep trying I always say.

Oh I love Christmas!!!!

Thought I would see if I could actually get this link into the blog. I think it works.

Friday, November 28, 2008

This is a special little addition also.

Meet the new member of our family, Her name is Skye and the daughter of our Granddaughters, boyfriend, He just found her about a year ago. Didn't even know she existed or the state of her life, which I hear was terrible for a tiny little girl. Her mother was trapped in bad situation and turned to drugs and lost her kids.
They are trying to adopt her and have full custody. She is the smartest little thing. 3 years old and a bubbly personality that is sweet and sooooo cute. She sure stole my heart. And I might add Granpa Randey and Granny Sissy.

We got a new addition for our vacation

This is first night at campground same

Showroom picturesThe inside,well half anyway,it contiues to the full table and another capt. chair. fridge, and bathroom w/shower. Very nice.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A few more at beach,Then to the reception

Megen and niece Carly

Proud Dad and daughter
Pretty Sister and Brother
Uncle Andy and Megen

Niece Courtney

If you want to go in sequence please scroll down to first pictures. I can't figure out how to do it.;>]

More of the wedding

Mr. and Mrs.Taron and Megen Howell

I have decided to put the wedding pictures I took at My Granddaughter's wedding. It was very beautiful and the ceremony was impressive. They were married on the beach in Destin. You will see the design of everything. But after the kiss they took a little heart shaped bottles and filled it with the white sand. Nice memory! After that they went down to the water and with the rest of people, we all threw pebble into the Gulf of Mexico. They had given each of us one earlier. WE thought maybe we were going to throw them at the couple, Might have been fun at that!!! Then the photo session.

After that we went to her parents house at Holt,fl for the reception. Ken and Sherri had fixed their yard up so great. It was really cool. Lights all around the Yard (about a 1/4 acre) and set up a gazebo with the music instruments. There were picnic table all around and very neat pit fire. We did all the usual things. We had a great meal fixed by the wonderful family. Threw the bouqet and garter. Cut the cake and did the Toast. Then they had the bridal dance. And the money dance. I think we wore them out by the time that was done. After that us old people came home and I heard that had a wonderful time dancing and singing into the night.

Now some pictures of the event. Oh, Megen's brother,Joseph, stood up for her and Tarons sister, stood up for him. Very cute.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just some updating

Kara Adams, Nick and Jodies new one.

Gma Kathy
Brooklyn and Ariana

This is the newest one. She is Brooklyn. I think I spelled that right. Her Mom,Kelly is Andy and Kathy Hayes' daughter. She also has Arianna. A two year old whirlwind. I really don't know what Kelly will do is Brook is as rambunktious as her big sister. Old great grandma sure can't start to keep up with these two. Then Randey and Sissy have a new Granddaughter. Born in Japan. They are deployed over there. Her name is Kara. She has a big sister Mattey. She is about 6. And another livewire.
I think it is so great to see these new little lives. Somehow they make you feel good all over. Helps to keep you from feeling alone. And makes you smile alot too.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Us ladies at Tammy's for tea and worship

This is a picture of some of us that were at Tammy's a couple months ago. Let me tell you , Tammy and Karen really dished up a great feed. It is really great to meet with these precious friends. And we really enjoy having Kelly bring her guitar and sing for us too. She even lets us sing with her. Anyway I try to We are involved in Bible study to become better women for the the Lord.

We are doing good here at home. Sure wish it would warm up though. Well I know all you up there in those North country places think it is already warm here. And I really understand that , and just to make you feel better ;>} I have jasmine in bloom and boy does it smell good. maybe I'll post a picture of it for you to see. Love you all and All my prayers always.